Our Wedding April 18, 2009 -- Our BIG DAY!
"This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it..." On this beautiful Spring day before Divine Mercy Sunday, we got married at 3pm, the hour of Mercy, at St. Mary of the Assumption church in Manayunk, Pennsylvania... read more...
Papal Audience April 22, 2009 -- Papal Audience
Attending the Papal Audience was the highlight of our Roma stay. We set out early Wednesday morning to the Vatican City. Walking down streets in our wedding attire, we were ...read more...
Rome Honeymoon/Pilgrimage in Rome
Rome is truly a lush city, at least during this time of the year. Trees are pruned in such a way that the high branches are aimed to reach up, uplifted to the Holy Spirit! Spring ...read more...
Assisi Honeymoon/Pilgrimage in Assisi
Contrary to the passionate strokes of the ancient oil painting of Rome, Assisi is more like a water-color masterpiece of the nature, crowed with the holiness brought by ...read more...

Florence Honeymoon/Pilgrimage in Florence
Museums here are fantastic. Cathedrals here are magnificent. But we can only take in so much at a time, and we soon found ourselves over fed by all the grandeur scenes of the antient arts, sculpting, and ...read more...

San Giovanni Rotondo Honeymoon/Pilgrimage in San Giovanni Rotondo
Seeing St. Padre Pio’s body laying serenely in the glass case in the crypt of Our Lady of Grace church, we were drawn to our knees… ...read more...

Our Heart-felt Gratitude...

  • To all members of our bridal party: Tony, Stan, Paul, Luke, Phil, WenYuan, Dianne, Syd, Elleanna, Anita, Madison, Amber, Amanda, KangKang, and Jason,
  • To the main celebrant of our Nuptial Mass Monsignor Philip Reilly who traveled from Brooklyn, and all the concelebrants Fr. Jim, Fr. Lawrence, and Fr. Paul, who brought us such honor and graces from our Church,
  • To all who served at our Nuptial Mass, especially Deacon Joe, Br. James, Br. Daniel, Matt, Nadia and George, Drs. David and Monica, Cynthia, Dianne, Mary, and Dasirae,
  • To Craig's sister Syd for her efforts in coordinating the flower girls and ring bears,
  • To the staff and volunteers at St. Mary of the Assumption church who worked so hard to get the church ready for our big day as the church was going through lobby renovation,
  • To all who travel from afar to help us celebrate our wedding day, especially Bill Dwyer, Jr., who flew from Iraq, and to Wenqi's sister WenYuan, brother-in-law JianHong, and nephew KangKang, who flew from China, also to our dear friend Rosemaria who drove all the way from and to Buffulo to attend our wedding,
  • To all who contributed their artistic talents at our reception, especially Zoltan, Adrian, John, Fr. Jim, Ming and BangBo, Uncle Lou, KangKang, and Wenqi's Dad BoJun,
  • To Zoltan, our gracious and fun MC at our reception,
  • To Wenqi's brother-in-law Jian Hong, who tirelessly coordinated the details of the video and music, and shadowed Craig for a couple of days in preparation for the wedding and reception,
  • To Craig's Mom Rita and his cousin Sydrea for their efforts in organizing Jewish tradition of "Breaking of the Bread" and "Breaking of the Glass" at the reception,
  • To aunt Chev and Linda for their efforts in coordinating all the kids activities at the reception,
  • To all the kids who were a very special part of our celebration,
  • To all those who made it to our celebration,
  • To all those who were not able to make it to our wedding due to various obligations,
  • To all those whom we were not able to invite but we hold dear in our hearts,
  • To all your loving support in person, and all the prayers in spirit,
  • To all your beautiful warm wishes,
  • And above all, to our all-loving God, for His abundant blessings upon us,

  • We love you all!!!

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Homily of Our Nuptial Mass

We were very honored to have Msgr. Philip J. Reilly, the founder and Executive Director of the Helpers of God's Precious Infants, as the main celebrant of our Nuptial Mass. Msgr. Reilly gave a great homily on marriage, family, life, and the Divine Mercy.

Glimpses of our wedding
Click the link above to view some of our wedding photos.
More photos to come, please check back!

From Craig and Wenqi --
Thanks for sharing our special moments...
"The deepest desire of the human heart is to see another and to be seen."
-- St. Augustine